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Our Vision

To work in and make work for an industry that represents women equally in all aspects, that challenges gender stereo-types rather than upholds them.

Our Mission

is to redress the gender imbalance, onstage and off.

Our Goal

is to widen the canon of work by female playwrights on our stages by touring ambitious and dynamic productions of new and existing works by the best female writing talent to mid and large scale venues in the UK.

Our Strategic Aims

Produce Great Plays...

We seek to widen the canon of work that exists by re-staging great plays by women that have been forgotten and we will create and commission new work.

Parity of Roles...

We will only produce work that has parity in quality roles for men and women.

Prioritise Female Creative and Technical Teams...

All of our work will be of the highest quality and we will prioritise working with and championing the most exciting female creative, producing and technical talent.

Touring Mid to Large Scale Venues...

We will bring our work to diverse audiences touring to theatre venues, schools and community spaces. We will seek international relationships to foster partnerships with organisations who share our values.

Agents for Change...

We will act as a springboard for discussion about feminism and what equality means, exploring this through workshops and participatory activity. We will employ working practices that enable working parents to create their best work and we will lobby for change.