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Written by Silva Semerciyan. Directed by Katie Henry

No one should live here. It’s the Chernobyl exclusion zone, the most toxic place on earth. Thirty years ago, reactor four exploded, contaminating the land with nuclear waste forever. The local population was evacuated to Moscow and Kiev. But eighty-four year old Olga returned and dug under a fence to sneak back in. She’s been living here for years. The Russian patrols turn a blind eye. They even bring her pension cheques and protect her from scavengers. Then one day, her nineteen year old granddaughter Alina arrives from Kiev saying that she’s moving in – for good. Motherland examines the fallout from the Soviet era and the unsettling concept of ‘home’.

THEATRE FEST WEST 2016: 18 March – 2 April 2016 We were delighted to present initial scenes from ‘Motherland’ to a supportive and generous audience at the Symposium on Friday 18th March. We received excellent feedback that we are looking forward to exploring at our next R&D period which will be at Lyme Regis at the Marine Theatre as part of their R&D by the Sea programme in May. More details on this soon. In the meantime, find images below of the reading at Salisbury Playhouse. We were delighted to work with brilliant performers: Ann Penfold, Anita Wright, Emily Tonge and Adam Foster.

Images by Alex Sims.